8th Grade Art

Welcome fellow artists!
This page will be used to house homework assignments, scoring rubrics, and other information that is important in your success in our art class. Below you will find various class resources from tutorials to important class handouts. Dates may fluctuate due to the pace of each individual class, holidays, assemblies, etc. Please keep your planner current, and if you have questions please ask in class, or feel free to email me.


8th Grade SyllabusProcessing Worksheet

Google ClassroomProcessing Presentation

Blog Project Rubric3D Printing Presentation

ELP Rubric
ELP Presentation Worksheet

Color Theory Presentation

Elements of Design Presentation  

Principles of Design Presentation   

Value Work Sheet

Scratch Escape the Studio - Art History Scratch Guide   Escape the Studio Rubric


This page will be used to house homework assignments, scoring rubrics, and other information that is important in your success in our art class.

In art class this quarter, you will be learning how to work with the following materials; color pencil, cardboard, plastic tubing, wooden dowels, printmaking, clay, collage, and drawing.
You will be studying the Elements of Design (line, shape, value, texture, color, space, and form) and the Principles of Art (balance, unity, movement, pattern, variety, emphasis, and rhythm), Modern artists such as; Salvador Dali, Matisse, Keith Haring, Paul Klee among others will be introduced.

In addition you will learn how to improve your drawing and critique art work

  • Be on Time – in your seat at the bell and ready to work
  • Be prepared – have all required materials with you
  • Be respectful – of the art materials, your classmates, your teacher, and yourself
  • Try your best – put forth your best effort
  • Each student will bring a Sketchbook (this will be provided) and their agenda or school planner. Both items must be present for each class meeting. Students will be assigned clean up duties that will rotate each week.
  • Water bottle, food, tea, hot cocoa, are allowed in the art room.

Student grades will be assessed using a weighted scoring system. Projects, participation, and written assignments will use specific scoring rubrics. Tests will be scored using an answer key.

Projects – 30%
Students will be evaluated for each art project based on the project requirements found on the scoring rubric. Project grades will consist of 25% student evaluation, 25% peer evaluation and 50% teacher evaluation.

Participation – 10%
Student participation will reflect the students' daily preparedness (having required materials), class work, behavior, participation in class discussions and critiques.

Extended Learning Project– 25%
This is an outside of the classroom monolithic art project that will be assigned. The student will produce a large format art project based on a specific artist or subject of their own choosing. This assignment will be due a week before the grading quarter ends.

ELP Blog Posts 20%
Each student will create a blog that reflects their work on the Extended Learning Project. The posts will be scored based on five criteria: Progress on their project, a major problem that came up while working on their project, how did they solve that problem, what do they plan to do next, and two images that reflect their work or progress.

Tests – 15%
Academic and personal integrity are paramount to your success in any classroom, therefore any violation of the student handbook or classroom rules during a test, will result in an administrative referral.

Students are welcome to finish any type of project:
  • Before or after school (please make an appointment)
  • Lunch time with the exception of Tuesdays
  • During study hall period with prior approval by the study hall teacher and Mr. Ritter

If a student does NOT follow the art room expectations, detentions (lunch and/or after school) will be assigned, and a phone call to your parent or guardian will be made to address the negative behavior.
Non negotiable classroom behaviors that would result in a detention during the students’ lunch time:
  • Throwing ANY type of object in the classroom
  • Excessive disruption, abusive language, or talking in class
  • Running in the art room
  • Defacing another person’s clothing or art work
  • Stealing any type of object or resource from the classroom or from another student will result in an administrative referral

Please feel free to share presentations, or documents via Google Drive. Every student has a Google account. This is a good way to ensure the components of your Extended Learning Project make it to class during presentation week.