Monday, September 14, 2020

8th Grade Art - Still Life With Charcoal

 In 8th Grade students are studying the six different types of value

  1. Highlight (brightest region on a form)
  2. Midtones (extend from the highlight to the transitional light
  3. Transitional Light (Region between the midtones and the core shadow
  4. Core Shadow (Darkest region on the form - furthest from the light source)
  5. Reflective Light (A light region along the bottom of the form that is caused by the light source reflecting of another surface.)
  6. Cast Shadow (Dark region that is casted onto another surface.)
  7. Contrast (We use constrasting light in the background to make our forms pop off the page)
National Core Fine Art Standards: VA:Cr2.1.8a
Montana Visual Art Standards: Creating AS:2 7th-8th

Student Examples: