Friday, January 31, 2020

Week 1 - 7th & 8th Grade Art

Welcome to Art! We will be doing several things this quarter that investigate traditional, and digital art making.

7th Grade

  • Introduction to the Elements of Design
    • You can find the lecture HERE
  • Introduction to Color Theory
    • You can find the presentation HERE
  • 60 Second Charcoal - Life Drawing
      Classroom Activities
  • Tuesday
    • Students were introduced to the Elements of Design, and then worked in groups to analyze a master painting using the Elements of Design.    
      • You can find the lecture HERE   
  • Thursday
    • Students were introduced to Color Theory
    • Potential project ideas were discussed for next week.
8th Grade
     Classroom Activities
  • Monday
    • Color Mixing review
    • Students created a line design, and unique shapes on paper. They then painted these using only the primary colors to mix our nine other colors. i.e. Secondary, and Tertiary colors.
  • Wednesday
    • We finished the color mixing review assignment, and discussed ideas for our first class project.
  • Friday
    • Reviewed project ideas and students started work on their unique group projects.