Tuesday, October 1, 2019

8th Grade Update

ELP Projects

Students are actively working on their ELP projects, and have now completed two blog posts. The students completed an art history post on their chosen master artist. They had to answer six questions that are centered on historical facts about their artist.

  1. What is your artist's most famous work? 
  2. What medium did your artist work in?
  3. Where did your artist work? (studio, outside, be specific about the location)
  4. When was their most productive period?
  5. What is the strangest or most bizarre fact about your artist?
  6. Which painting by your artist inspired your work?
  7. You must provide two paintings by your artist. Preferably their most famous, and another one of their works. 

Students also created their first project post. They had to write about their projects using the four different prompts that we discussed in class. The grading criteria, and what criteria is needed to be written about can be found in your first blog post titled, "Blog Grading Criteria". We each created this when we set up our ELP blogs.