Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Welcome Back! Today in 8th Grade

It's nice to have a little break! Anyway this week in 8th grade we will be doing our ELP presentations on Thursday October 25th. If you are missing your presentation prep sheet please download one from HERE. You can use this worksheet during your presentation.

Today we worked on our watercolor landscape paintings. If you missed last week please get the notes, and ask for the demonstration.

We also had some students put some last minute finishing touches on their projects, and took some time to clean the room of cardboard and other miscellaneous items that are no longer being used for an ELP project.

In summary, today was a general work day.

  • Finish all necessary blog posts for your ELP
  • Complete the presentation worksheet
  • Finalize your project
  • Clean out any materials from the room and display your project
  • Work on the watercolor landscape painting