Friday, August 31, 2018

12 Color - Two-Point Perspective Project

Students have been working hard on their two point perspective projects. We had two people finish today! The project is due next Friday, October 3rd by the end of the day.

Please recall that you will be graded on:
  1. Neatness - no visible brush strokes
  2. Visible theme that reflects you the artist or the word that was used.
  3. You have correctly used mechanical drawing tools-using two vanishing points.
  4. Your project is above or below the horizon, using the following measurements:
    1. The start of your leading edge is 2" above the horizon
    2. The length of your leading edge is 5" or 6" from the 2" mark. (7" or 8" above/below the horizon line.)
  5. The word must have ≥ 3 letters.
  6. The word must have ≥ 2  faces that create a three dimensional - 3D image. 
  7. You must be able to identify the 12 colors that we have discussed and mixed in class, with the addition of mixing your own black.
  8. The 12 colors are easily identified, solid color, and not a mix or blend of several different hues.
  9. In order to make your letters pop. You should develop a color scheme that has either the same color across each each face or of your letters must be a different hue.