Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Watercolor Postcards

Today in 7th grade we continued with our watercolor postcard paintings of Glacier Park.

If you missed Monday please see Mr. Ritter to get the notes on the 6 watercolor techniques, and the correct paper to start your project.

Below is a little of what you missed on Monday:

Watercolor Techniques:
  1. Wash - An even, super light, application of watercolor pigment, across a section or the whole paper. 
    1. Wet the paper and then mix a "puddle" of watercolor and then apply to the support or paper.
  2. Dry Brush - Creates a crisp edged brush stroke
    1. Dry paper and a relatively dry brush
  3. Wet in Wet - Creates a feathered edged or soft brush stroke
    1. Wet paper and a wet brush.
  4. Lifting - Removes watercolor pigment or color from the paper. 
    1. The process is similar to when your paper is either dry or wet. 
      1. If your color is still wet use a clean dry brush in the area you wish to remove paint. The brush will absorb the watercolor
      2. If your color is dry then you will need to take a clean wet brush, scrub in the area that you wish to remove paint. Clean and dry your brush and then lift the watercolor from the paper.
  5. Glaze - This is the process of painting on previously dry watercolor. The transparent layer will allow you to mix on paper.
  6. Drop in Color - Similar to wet in wet, and a wash. However, we use more than one color