Monday, December 11, 2017

ELP Projects & Blog Post 3

Blog Post 3 is due today, and I will be checking these on Tuesday afternoon. I need to have grades in so please try to get these completed. If you need access to technology then please come in anytime during school today. If you need to come in early I am happy to let you into the art room. This offer stands for after school as well.

Last week I handed out an ELP presentation worksheet. Students can use this worksheet when they present their work. Of most importance are the three elements of design and the three principles that were used in your work. You must be able to discuss the term and why it best represents your work. More on this on Wednesday. 

Many are almost done, and it's pretty amazing to see all of your hard work coming to life and hanging around the school! You all have done a great job!

Today we passed out the worksheet for your ELP Presentation which will be on Tuesday Decemmber 19th. If students need another copy you can access it by following the link: ELP Presentation Worksheet. Also, it can be found in the 8th Grade tab. If you need a copy of the ELP Project rubric you can find that by pressing on the ELP tab.