Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tensegrity & ELP Blog

Today we continued exploring tensegrity. There were some really cool models that students made. 

This is a reminder that your first blog post is due on Monday May 1st. You are to show active work on your blog. Please refer to the post criteria as each blog post must contain specific criteria:
  1. Four complete sentences with proper capitalization, punctuation, and no spelling errors.
    1. One sentence will explain in detail my biggest problem while working on my project.
    2. One sentence will explain in detail the solution to my biggest problem.
    3. One sentence will describe in detail a project update. What did I do on my project
    4. One conclusion sentence on:
      1. What do I plan to do next?
      2. What materials do I need?
      3. Or a simple wrap up.
  2. Two or more unique photos or images of my project must be in each post.
    1. You are NOT required to be in the photos.