Monday, February 13, 2017

Abstract Portrait

Today we finally worked through the elements and Principles of design, and have started to create sketches of our abstract portraits.

Criteria for the project:
  1. Color
    1. The painting must contain all of the 12 colors we have studied
    2. No visible brush strokes should be seen.
    3. Be able to identify all 12 colors in your finished painting
  2. Line
    1. You should be able to see a definitive line in your project
    2. The line will create unique shapes in your composition
  3. Value
    1. Highlights - will be represented with warm colors
    2. Core Shadow - will be represented with cool colors
  4. You must use the whole sheet of paper provided
  5. You must be able to identify two principles of design that you have used in creating your work.

Here are some examples: