Friday, September 30, 2016

Art History Pastel Project

Today we had a substitute and students worked on an oil pastel art history project. Below are the notes I left for our substitute.

Principles of Design

Please give the lecture on the Principles of Design today. I have opened this on your computer. Students are to take good notes as they will be tested on this material at a later date.

Art History Assignment

Students are to select an Artist featured in one of the Scholastic Art Magazine in the plastic bins provided on the table. Students are to read about their chosen artist and then do the following activity below. Students can use the computers for research as well (please monitor their use).


Students are to use a full sheet of paper (located on the paper cutter) and oil pastels (on the back counter) to create their artwork. On one side of the paper students will provide a brief bio of their chosen artist. On the other side of the paper, students should imitate the style or copy a work of art from their chosen artist.


One side of the paper will have art history:

Artist History

Name of artist:

4 Facts:

When did the live? (birth - death) 

What style or art period did they work in? (Impressionism, cubism, abstract expressionism, etc.)

What was their most famous work?

What is a weird or interesting fact about your artist?

The other side of the paper will have an oil pastel copying the artists style or a direct copy of one of the artist’s paintings.

If the students complete this assignment please tell them to help clean up or read quietly.