Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome 7th Graders!

Today we discussed the classroom expectations, and you received a syllabus for our class. We also started to learn about two point perspective.

We did some mechanical drawing with a straight edge and a 45-45-90 triangle to create two point perspective drawings that were above, on, and below an established horizon.

We discussed some vocabulary as well:

  • Picture Plane - is the surface or area of the paper that we will draw or paint on.
  • Vanishing Point - the location at which parallel lines recede to. 
  • Horizon Line - This is a horizontal line that goes across the picture plane. Generally this is at eye level. We can also see this where the sky and earth seem to touch. 
  • Perpendicular - two lines which meet or intersect at a right angle are perpendicular to each other. 

If you missed today we will have to get you caught up in creating a two point perspective drawing!