Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome New Students

Welcome to the 3rd Quarter!

It seems like the year is just flying by! For 8th Graders who have not been in class please navigate to the 8th Grade tab and download an ELP contract. The contract lists the specifics of our Extended Learning Project.

This is a project done by you at home. Of course you can get help, but this project is should be solely created by you.

If you go to the ELP Blogs page you can view how other students approached this assignment. If you haven't created an ELP blog yet please talk to me or go to to set up a new blog for your ELP. Please email me the URL for your blog.

In 7th grade the first few days we will be covering the Elements and Principles of design with some activities built in to support your learning how to create art.

Welcome to art everyone!!!