Monday, February 22, 2016

First ELP Blog Post is Due Today!

8th Graders have been working hard on their still life drawing of basic forms. We will be shifting gears and moving to watercolor on Wednesday. If you didn't complete the drawing today it will be due by the end of the class on Wednesday.

ELP Blog Post Due
Today your first post is due today. You should all have the grading criteria contained in your fist post. If not here is what is necessary:

  1. Four complete sentences (See the rubric below for details) 
  2. Problem - A detailed description of the biggest problem you encountered this day or week
  3. Solution - A detailed description of how you solved that problem 
  4. A detailed project update A conclusion sentence (see details below) 
  5. Photo documentation of your work. You will need a minimum of 2 images per post. You are NOT required to be in the images.
I will be grading these this evening. 

Happy Monday!!!