Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kahoot & Sculpture Terms

Today we did a review of the Elements and Principles of Design using Kahoot. We were in Lab 211 for the better part of the day.

Students were also given a Sculpture Term assignment in Google Classroom. Please go to http://classroom.google.com to either start or complete your terms. Remember you need a definition in your own words and an image for each term.

Students were asked to know at least five terms for Friday, and also to know something about one of these four artists:

  1. Louise Nevelson
  2. Jean Arp
  3. Henry Moore
  4. Barbra Hepworth
Students were asked to pick one of the four artists whose work caught their imagination. We will be imitating their style by sculpting small blocks that we will be creating from a plaster of paris mold. 

We will go over your five terms, and artists on Friday, and then finish up your terms in the lab the first part of our class. Then we will tart working with plaster of paris in the second period of class on Friday.