Friday, May 29, 2015

Last Day to Finish Articipe Test and ELP's are Due!!!

Today we did many things...

  • Finish ELP Blog post
  • Post to your Articipe blog
  • Complete the Articipe Test Rubric on Google Classroom
  • Print your Articipe 
  • Cut the mat board to finalize your Articipe 
Lots of projects came in today, and I reminded students of the presentation requirements which are set for Tuesday.

In your presentation you need to discuss:
  • One of the biggest problems with your project.
  • The solution to that problem.
  • Three Elements of design that are in your project
  • Three Principles of design that are in your project
  • A brief update about the trials and tribulations of making your project
  • All of this is followed by a short question and answer from your peers
The presentation is pretty painless and takes approximately about 10 minutes.