Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Articipe Watercolor Test

In 8th grade today we worked heavily on our Articipe Watercolor and Value test. Many students worked pretty well, and used their time wisely.

Students are encouraged to take notes as they perform their techniques as their is a written assessment that goes along with the performance assessment of the painting.

To view the written assignment and the rubric please log into

How to access your Rubric
  1. To access your rubric first sign into your Google account with your school email account and password.
  2. Next go to
  3. If you have never used Google Classroom then press the Go to Classroom button
  4. Press on the + button to create your first class. If you have used Google Classroom before skipt to step 6.
  5. Pick your Role ( Student ) from the drop down menu  
  6. You should then see your art class!
  7. click on your class name and then take the tour or go straight to your rubric.
  8. Do not create a new document, and do not share it with me, I  have already shared it with you!
  9. Follow the directions and simply fill in the blank areas using detail and proper spelling and sentence conventions.