Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Today I was in Missoula, MT attending a Google Educator conference.

With the substitute we worked on decorating our door, completing our automata, and worked on ceramic terms.

Below you will find the list of terms we has in class. Students defined five unique ceramic terms (selected different terms than anyone else) from the list below.

Students then shared either a Google Slide presentation or a Google Doc with the terms. Please include pictures or images, also please cite your work. Create a Google Slide presentation or a Google Doc and share with Mr. Ritter. You must create a Works Cited and cite all of your sources.

Pottery Vocabulary

  • Coil 
  • Slab 
  • Hand building 
  • Pinch pot 
  • Slip 
  • Scoring 
  • The stages of ceramic ware that clay can be classified are:
    • Plastic 
    • Leather hard 
    • Bone dry 
  • Kiln 
  • Fire (What does this mean?) 
  • Some of the hand tools that are used to work with clay are:
    • Boxwood tool 
    • Fettling Knife 
    • Loop tools 
    • Rib 
    • Toggle wire 
    • Extruder 
    • Pin Tool 
  • Ceramic Questions:
    • Temperature (At what temperature must clay be fired (heated) to?) 
    • What is a pyrometric cone? 
    • What are the parts of a pottery wheel? 
    • What types of clay are there? 
      • Earthenware 
      • Stoneware 
      • Porcelain 
    • What is an under glaze or glaze? 
    • What are the stages of dryness can clay be classified as? 
      • Greenware 
      • Bisqueware 
      • Ceramic Ware / Glazeware 
    • What happened during these time periods?
      • 9000 or 10,000 BCE 
      • 5000-8000 BCE - Egypt 
      • 6500 BCE - Greece 
      • 4530 BCE - Americas (North and South) 
      • 1600–1046 BCE - China Shang Dynasty