Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First ELP Blog Post 8th grade + Homework

First ELP Blog Post is Due!

Today in class we spent some time creating our first ELP project update on the ELP blogs that were created in class. Students were reminded of the post criteria to ensure that they receive the grade they desire for their post.

To remind students here is the post criteria again:
  1. Four complete sentences with proper capitalization,  punctuation, and no spelling errors. 
  2. One sentence will explain in detail my biggest problem while working on my project.
  3. One sentence will explain in detail the solution to my biggest problem.
  4. One sentence will describe in detail a project update. What did I do on my project?
  5. One conclusion sentence on:
    • What do I plan to do next? 
    • What materials do I need?
    • Or a simple wrap up.
  6. At least two photos or images of the project.
A complete scoring rubric can be found on the "ELP" link along the top of this page. Simply scroll to the bottom of that page and you will find the blog post rubric and the project rubric. 

Elements and Principles Review

Also, in class today we did a huge review of the Elements and Principles of Design. If you missed or need to review these important terms again please see the presentations that are linked on the "8th Grade Art" link along the top of this page.

I also challenged students to find the five types of Rhythm. Affectionally known as FAR2P.


Thursday students need to bring in a favorite recipe of their choice. Additionally a reference image is also needed. We will be using this image for the backdrop of your Articipe!