Monday, June 2, 2014

Nōtan (濃淡) - Part 二

Today students made models of their Notan art. Some students found that using the glue was not all that easy and many problems were presented. 

In the discussions we had in class we wished to extend the art form. The use of many colors instead of the traditional black and white was discussed, and the use of organic versus geometric shapes was also talked about. 

We also established the parameters for the final project:
  1. Construction: The design exhibits excellent visual movement. Each part of the design has equal positive and negative space reversal glued down. 
  2. Craftsmanship: High quality craftsmanship is evident. All parts of artwork (cutting, gluing) are precisely kept clean and neat
  3. Effort: It is evident you took your time to carefully develop the ideas and complete the project. You used the class time effectively
  4. Creativity: The design is innovative and shows originality and it is obvious that they challenged themselves. There are no large areas of the original paper left; approximately 90% of the material has been used. 
Many students were able to make some serious headway on this due to their hard work last week! 
Some students also started painting their frames while taking a break from the tedious cutting of shapes!

A huge thank you goes out to Mr. Welch and his students for all of their hard work creating the frames!