Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elements of Design

Today in class we formally discussed the Elements of design. This was a lecture and you can find the notes under the 7th Grade Art tab. We also performed an activity where students had to formally use and explain the elements in a master art work in front of the class.

We then went over some beginning color theory:
  • Primary colors - are colors that cannot be made or derived from mixing other colors
    • Red
    • Yellow
    • Blue
  • Secondary colors - colors that are created by mixing two primary colors
    • Red + Blue = Violet 
    • Yellow + Red = Orange
    • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Tertiary colors - colors that are created by mixing a primary color with its analogous secondary color.
    • Analogous - a "next door neighbor" on the color wheel. 
      • Yellow + Orange = Yellow Orange
      • Yellow + Green = Yellow Green
      • Red + Orange = Red Orange
      • Red + Violet = Red Violet
      • Blue + Violet = Blue Violet
      • Blue + Green = Blue Green 
  • Complementary colors - colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel
    • Red - Green
    • Yellow - Purple
    • Blue - Orange 
    • Yellow Green - Red Violet
  • Analogous colors - colors that live next to each other on the color wheel
Next we discussed the terms that are used when you add Black, White, or Grey to a color. These can help achieve value (light to dark) in your art work:
  • Shade - Add Black (darkens or deepens the color)
  • Tone - Add Grey (tones down or mutes the color)
  • Tint - Add white (lightens a color - For example Pink)

Moving Forward

We will be using the Elements to create a Waterfall booklet. For next class please have some sketches or designs for your booklet. 

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