Saturday, March 29, 2014

Research Paper Option

For those who chose not to do an ELP. Here is an opportunity to recoup some points. The extended learning project was a quarter long project therefore the length of this paper may seem unreasonable, but it is only fair to the students who completed a project that the integrity of the ELP remain intact.

Research Paper Criteria

  1. Create a Google Document and please share this with me (click the Share button and type my name).
  2. This document will be six pages long. 
  3. For the first page write a good paragraph using proper sentence conventions (capitalization and punctuation), explaining why you did not complete an ELP. (A paragraph is at minimum 3 sentences long).
  4. Next write a four page research paper on the artist of your choosing. The fourth page will be reserved for a works cited page.
  5. You must cite all information and ideas that are not your own. If you paraphrase a source you must cite that source. Plagiarism of any kind will automatically receive an F grade. 
  6. Use MLA formatting for the in-text citations and the works cited page.
    1. The formatting information for in-text citations can be found at:
    2. The formatting information for the works cited can be found at:
  7. Proper sentence conventions also apply to the research paper.
I hope to hear from those who chose this option soon, so that I may correct these papers in a timely matter. 

Thank you and have a good break.