Monday, February 3, 2014

Art Maze

Today students learned how to use Pixlr and started creating backdrops for their maze games being developed in Scratch. A tutorial document can be found here

Students did the following today:

  • Selected a fine arts artist who will be the theme of a maze game that is being created.
    • A collection of Scholastic Art magazines were made available for students to choose an artist
  • Students created 480 x 360 backdrops in Pixlr
    • Introduction - this backdrop provides a title to the game and introduces their artist theme
    • Directions - At minimum the game will have these directions
      • Use the arrow keys to guide your sprite to discover art history about (your artist) and find then exit the maze. Be careful to not touch the sides of the maze
      • Press the spacebar to begin
  • Students then imported these backdrops into their Scratch game. 
  • Finally we updated our Scratch blogs by writing about what we learned and provided visual evidence with a screen shot of our work.