Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Workout!

Today in art we did some amazing work!

Students were introduced to Pixlr and we did some graphic design work.

We learned how to use the tools in Pixlr to create 480x360 backdrops which were then uploaded into Scratch.

Students then learned how to create a screen shot and then edit that screen shot in Paint. This edited image was then saved and inserted into the students first blogger post. The post briefly explained what the students learned today.

We learned many things today... so if you missed today you may wish to come in sometime and get caught up!

Students will create an art history game that uses a master fine artist as the overlying theme in the game. The student will have at minimum to types of sensing events. One will be when a user touches the sides of the maze the player will go back to the start.

The other will be that when the students touches another sprite it will trigger an art history backdrop to appear where we will learn a bit of art history about the master artist that the student has chosen for their theme.

Here is an example of the game I have been developing. It is pretty close to being complete. It may have a few more bugs, but so far it seems to be working! The master artist I chose was Ace Powell, who at one time lived in Apgar, MT.

Have FUN!!!