Thursday, November 21, 2013

8th Grade Escape the Room Step 3

Today was a work day. Many students worked on designing their backdrops. Their were many questions on how to use the Pixlr editor and how to import these finished images into Scratch.

It looks like we finally have the Scratch web site block problem figured out so we were able to use the Chromebooks in class. There are some limitations to these, but it was nice to work in class.

I discovered a workaround for the locked layer problem on the Chromebooks when using Pixlr.

The solution was to simply create a new transparent image with the same image dimensions, and then drag the locked layer onto the new transparent image.

I am not sure why you cannot double click on the lock icon and just unlock it like you can with a normal computer? I'm sure it's a possible setting issue...

Here is step 3 and the link to its project page: Escape the Art Room Step 3