Thursday, September 12, 2013

Escape the room UPDATE

Today in 8th grade students worked hard and many students are getting close to completing their Escape the Room Game!

Project Requirements:
  1. Backgrounds:
    1. Introduction to game 
    2. Directions
    3. Main Room
    4. Art History
    5. Win or Game Over
  2. Minimum of three (3) sprites are hidden or must be found in order to escape the room
  3. Art History - When a painting is clicked on the room wall the program shows historical information about the:
    1. Artist
    2. Painting
    3. Students must include these blocks on the stage/sprite(s) to control the game:
      1. when green flag clicked
      2. when () key pressed 
      3. switch to background ()
      4. broadcast ()
      5. when I receive () 
      6. show ()
      7. hide ()
      8. when I touch () or when color () touches color ()
  4. Program must be free of bugs (errors)
  5. Must show a win background at the end of the game
  6. Images Used for sprites
    1. Students are encouraged to create their own images in Scratch using the paint editor
    2. All images that were not created by the student must be cited in a credits background and shown at the end of the game.