Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last day for QR code painting! + New Project

Last day for QR Code Painting!

Today students added the finishing touches after our formal critique last class. Many students refined our QR Codes as to be read when scanned with a QR Code reader. We have many good art pieces as a result, and many good examples of ASCII art will be revealed when the paintings will be scanned!

New Project

Today in class our final project was introduced. This project will take us the rest of the quarter to complete. If time permits we will try our hand at some screen printing using stencils.

The Chinese Lantern is a very interesting cultural artifact. We will be blending a few different disciplines to create this piece of artwork.

To see the original discussion please see this slide presentation.

This project will be broken up into three different parts which will allow students to build up their skills as they move to the final part of this project.

To provide a brief outline students will:
  1. Students will be told a story about the history of Chinese Lanterns in class and of the Chinese Lantern Festival

  2. Learn how to fold an Origami Chinese Lantern
    1. Students will start with two small pieces of paper that measure 8"x8"
    2. Students will fold a 11"x11" piece of large Origami paper

  3. Explore watercolor using rice paper
    1. A 12"x12" piece of rice paper will be used to develop a design that is reminiscent of an Asian style watercolor painting. 
    2. A brief tutorial on watercolor techniques was demonstrated along with some history of watercolor was discussed in class.
    3. The rice painting will then be folded into a lantern

  4. Finally an 18"x18" piece of vellum will be used to create the final Chinese Lantern
    1. Students will develop an Asian style painting that will cover most of the vellum
    2. Students will apply knowledge of Ohm's law in designing a circuit that will illuminate an LED that will hang inside the lanterns
    3. Students will be presented with a design challenge as their battery compartment must be concealed and no tape is allowed to be used in hanging of the lantern
    4. Students will develop a riddle which must be hung from the lantern and tape must also not be used to attach the riddle to the lantern
    5. The riddle should be challenging, but not so difficult that it cannot be solved