Thursday, February 28, 2013

7th Grade Mexican Folk Art

Today we continued with our design process. Each student was to present three different types of sketches:
  1. Overall design of your Alebrijes animal in these three views:
    1. Top 
    2. Side 
    3. Front 
  2. Armature Sketch
    1. Overall design
    2. Detail sketch(es) of individual cardboard pieces 
  3. Electrical Sketch
    1. This includes a sketch of how your circuit will be attached to the armature
    2. Detail sketch(es) of the battery compartment
    3. Detail sketch of the location of the switch
    4. Detail sketch of the location of the two LED's
After students completed these sketches a small model of the armature was made from tag board or card stock. Students where to address how the voltage supply or batteries where to be held or located. Also an explanation given of how access to the battery compartment would be provided for. 

Finally some students dug in with zeal in creating their final armature which will then be paper mached and then painted in Mexican Folk Art style.