Monday, February 11, 2013

7th Grade Art - Our First Project

In 7th grade today we introduced our first project!

We will be making three dimensional mobiles.

A design process will be used where we will develop our mobiles in three steps:

  1. Brainstorm jot down ideas for shapes or create plans in our sketchbooks
  2. Build a rough model from our sketch. Will the idea work? How can we modify it if it doesn't?
  3. Start creating your mobile to be graded.

In class, three different styles of mobiles were presented and there was much discussion.
  1. Fixed - The parts of your mobile were connected or fixed together creating a cohesive whole or one big group.
  2. Kinetic - Where individual objects move freely and individually.
  3. Hybrid - A combination of the two above forms. 
The criteria for this project includes:
  • Elements of design:
    • Color - 
      • Knowledge of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors must be demonstrated
      • i.e. 12 colors must be present
    • Space
      • The elements that make up your mobile must create a sense of space or the objects must move freely
    • Line 
    • Shape - Various types of shapes will be presented
      • Organic
      • Geometric
      • Abstract
    • Form - While we are working with abstract shapes, together these shapes will create the illusion of form when suspended in space
  • Equilibrium:
    • Individual parts must be balanced and capable of motion when hung freely in space. However these shapes must never come in contact with each other