Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Watercolor Day 2 & Last day for relief tiles...

Hello Artisans!

Today is the absolute last day for clay tiles! If you do not have yours completed by today there is a good chance that your tile may not be dried in time to bisque in the kiln.

If you need a pass to come in during lunch or if you wish to come in to work after school please feel free to stop in anytime.

Today we will be working on water color brush techniques. You will explore the various techniques used in water color such as:

  1. Washes 
  2. Glazes 
  3. Wet in Wet 
  4. Dry Brush
  5. Lifting Color 
  6. Dropping in Color or Mixing on paper
Create several studies of your landscape image in your sketchbook, and then try a practice run at it with watercolors and your newly acquired brush techniques. On Friday you will create your postcard. 

Please note your ELP due date is closing in fast! Some projects have come in, and they look great! 
Your ELP is due Tuesday January 15, 2013. Please consult the ELP page, or your packets for instructions and scoring rubrics.