Friday, January 25, 2013

QR code Art

Today we watched a short segment of, "Stamp Day for Superman" on YouTube.We only looked at a small portion that video which started at 12:35. Lois Lane creates something that is known as type writer art. We then discussed ASCII art, QR codes, and a very brief history of computing.

The discussion then led up to out first art assignment for this quarter!

First we must get an idea of what ASCII art is and QR codes are.

In the lab we divided up into three groups and researched:

  1. ASCII art history
  2. How ASCII art is created
  3. What a QR code is. 
Each group member will present their information in a frame on Prezi. Group members stored their information in a collaborative document on Google Drive. This portion of the assignment will be concluded by the end of the class period next week Tuesday.

Next using the information that we have learned we will express your name as ASCII art. We will do this by using dot paper and then translating that design into a Google Drive document which will be publicly shared.

Sharing the Google Drive document will provide a URL that we can then generate a QR code.

We will then use the QR code to create a unique painting.

Here are some digital examples to inspire some design ideas:

These were created by jess3 labs. To see more of their work and other design ideas please follow this link

The complete assignment therefore is to create a QR code that is visually appealing that when scanned by a QR code reader will allow the viewer to see your name in ASCII art!!! Therefore part of your grade depends upon a functioning QR code. 

This is a multiple day assignment and we will take piece by piece if it all seems a little overwhelming!