Monday, November 26, 2012

What? We have school?

Welcome back! Dust off those books and minds we are back!

I think for the most part we or maybe I was still in a food coma!

Today we reviewed the Elements and Principles, and Color Theory. 7th Grade get ready for your test on Friday November 30, 2012The test will be similar to what we have been doing in class. Students will need to analyze a painting and explain the use of the elements and principles within a given artwork. We have done this in class many times. You may not use a vocabulary word more than once. If you need a refresher please scroll down to the Van Gogh post to see how you might approach this..

Students will also be tested on the Color information that has been discussed. If you are missing that information please scroll down to the Color Wheel post.

Today we also started a color wheel project. We discussed how the elements and principles can be used to create or enhance a design. Color-rhythm, shape- pattern, positive/negative space-balance and emphasis.

If you missed the homework assignment due on 11/26/12 please see the 7th grade tab and click on the link to download the color wheel assignment.