Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hey 8th grade! I heard some great commercial ideas from all of you! I am looking forward to seeing these ideas come alive!

Remember you will need to have the Web 2.0 form signed! You can get that form HERE. Also if you lost the Commercial Worksheet that was given in class today you can get that HERE.

On Thursday each individual group member should come prepared with a script that reflects their specific emphasis: Elements, Principles, and Color. In groups larger than three there was a Variety section added to the worksheet.

You should also be prepared on Thursday to start shooting video. You should ask permission if you are using any area in the school. Also you will need to provide a list of the locations that you will be shooting before a camera is given to your group.

Green Screen (Chroma Key)
Some of you were interested in doing Chroma Key or green screen type of videos. You can add Green Screen effects to your movies by installing the t@b ZS4 Video Editor. The software was created by ZweiStein and works with Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. The download can be found here: http://www.zs4.net/download

This Prezi describes the general flow of what we did in class today and how you may wish to start your projects.

Please remember if you miss a class you are responsible for obtaining class materials and information. This site was created to help deliver information and to help you be successful in our class.

See you on Thursday if not before!