Tuesday, November 20, 2012

B-Day was a little wild today. First students discussed the progress on their ELP's. There are some pretty incredible ideas out there, and I am looking forward to seeing these ideas evolve over the next few weeks. We also discussed the Commercial Project where you will be asked to create a commercial  in teams of three to sell or discuss a product using the elements and principles of design, and color theory. Wow! We then reviewed color theory that was introduced last week. Students taught the class and guided us to understand the following terminology:
Color wheel
  • Primary Colors
    • Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Secondary Colors (P+P=S)
    • Orange, Green, Violet (Purple)
  • Tertiary Colors (P+S=T)
    • Yellow Orange
    • Red Orange
    • Blue Violet
    • Red Violet
    • Blue Green
    • Yellow Green
  • Complementary Colors
    • Colors that are direct opposites on the color wheel. These colors when paired together create a bright intensity. These colors are often used when you wish your painting or work to pop or stand out. 
  • Analogous Colors
    • Colors that live next to each other on the color wheel. Analogous colors create harmony and are best represented in nature.
  • Shade
    • Mixing black with any color creates a shade
  • Tint
    • Mixing white with any color creates a tint
  • Tone
    • Mixing gray with any color creates a tone.
Look for a more in depth information in the 7th and 8th grade homework sections. 

We also discussed the color wheel homework assignment. If you need more information please go to the homework area to obtain the instructions and a template or download the pdf HERE

Finally, the class enjoyed some life drawing from live models. This was a timed one minute activity using three different types of charcoal and three different poses. If you missed the action we will be doing this again in the future! 

Please enjoy the mini break, and be safe! Until next week!