Saturday, August 28, 2021

Bell Ringer 1

function setup() {
  createCanvas(400, 400);

function draw() {

function mouseDragged() {
  if (true) {
    r = random(255);
    g = random(255);
    b = random(255);
    fill(r, g, b, 70);px
    ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, random(30), random(60));
  } else {

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Welcome Back Students!!!

Welcome to art! I'm excited to see everyone and start the year! If you missed orientation I believe the slideshow will be able to help answer some questions. If you it doesn't then please email or call me so we can straighten things out.

I'm excited to work with your student(s) and we have a ton of different projects lined up so that they experience a wide range of art mediums and expression.

Here is to a great year! I wish all of you much success!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Welcome to 4th Quarter!!!

 Welcome to 4th Quarter! It won't be long now until summer vacation! Hang in there! 

In 7th Grade and 8th Grade we have been working with clay, and we are pretty much ready to load the kiln! In second period 7th Grade we will finally be able to go outside and paint with watercolors! Nothing like spring plein air painting!

In 7th Grade in all classes we have been learning about the Elements and Principles of Design. This Friday students will learn the principles of design. All 7th Grade students will have an open note quiz on Monday April, 26th. If you missed class you can find the notes in Google Classroom, or click the following link. Principles of Design Presentation

In 8th Grade we have been working with clay in all classes with the exception of 8th Period who have chose to do various projects ranging from clay, string art. 

8th Grade - 6th Period has started their 2nd project, a Papier-mâché design of their own choosing. 

Here we go! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

7th & 8th Grade Project - Art History

 Cardboard Relief Project

Today we graded our Self Portrait Relief project. If you did not finish, or if you did not like your grade you are welcome to fix or change anything during lunch, study hall, before/after school, or any other time that you may have free that a teacher will allow you to come to the art room. 

Art History Project - Part I

In Google Classroom there is an assignment in which we will be researching an artist of your choosing. Students must select a unique artist within their own class period. Meaning that in each class no two students can select the same artist. There is a list in each class, please see Mr. Ritter. Please visit Google Arts & Culture to select your artist. 

For this assignment you will need to access Google Classroom and open the Art History Project assignment. There is a document there that you will respond to seven questions about the artist you chose. You will need to respond to each question using two complete sentences: spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and proper sentence mechanics will also be assessed. 

Additionally, students must also include a citation with the information that they use. Students need to include the URL (web address) of the particular site. All information in your two sentences for each question, must be put into your own words. A simple copy, paste will not be accepted. 

Art History Project - Part II

7th Grade - For this part of the assignment students will be copying two different art works by their chosen artist, on the paper provided in class. 

8th Grade - For this part of the assignment students will be copying one art work by their chosen artist, on the large piece of paper provided in class. 

Art Standards: 

National Art Standards:

Anchor Standard #11. Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen understanding.