Monday, February 1, 2021

7th Grade - Cardboard Relief Project

 In your week of Quarantine please start your projects. If you can locate some cardboard somewhere that would be beneficial. Super1 has nice giant sheets of cardboard. You just need to go by the milk and egg department by the swinging doors and ask for it. They will gladly give you what they have if you say it's for a school project. 

An outside option is Coffee Traders. Please call and ask before taking, make sure you emphasize that it is for a school project. 

Follow the instructions on the sheet to complete the construction of your project. If you have a hot glue gun on hand or Elmer's glue you can start putting together your portrait. Remember you need 5 layers. Please see the Self Portrait Layers Example if you are confused how the layers go. 

See the examples below. Your project will be similar, but your items must go beyond the support in order to get to the finished size of 18in x 24in. 

In this project you will need to paint your pieces using all 12 of our colors + black as we discussed in class. I think just cutting out your pieces will be adequate, and then you can paint them in class when you return. If you are out longer than one week please contact me. 

This project MUST be solely done by YOU. If you do not have a way to cut thick cardboard, then you will need to find some thinner cardboard so that you can cut it with scissors. For example cereal boxes. If you do not have a hot glue gun then you will need to use some form of Elmer's Glue to glue your pieces onto the support.