Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Today in 8th Grade we continued our ELP project. Some students are in various stages of the following mini projects in Canva:
  1. Create an individual logo design 6" x 6". 
  2. Create a remixed version of your logo design and your partners design. 
  3. Create an individual advertisement that is 12" x 18".
  4. Create a remixed version of your advertising design and your partners design 12" x 18"
Next we launched on an art project that focuses on creating some type of marketing or advertising that you might see in a store. We established three different types of projects we can create:
  1. A free standing sculpture 24" x 36"
  2. A wall mounted projects 22" x 28"
  3. A suspended or hung from the ceiling project 22" x 28"
There are tutorials and a growing booklet for this project which can be found HERE