Friday, October 27, 2017

7th and 8th Grade

This week has been fast and furious! Please check your grades as some of you are not caught up with many projects.

If you need time please make it a priority to come in and work on your assignments before school, during study hall, at lunch, or after school.

If you have a grade that you do not like please come in and let's find a way to bring it up!!!! You may be just missing a grading criteria that was on your rubric.

This week in 7th grade we completed the 27 cubes in OnShape to make our Coffin's Cube. Many were also able to complete the assignment. I have started to 3D print some projects.

This week in 8th grade many have completed their wire contour sculptures, and many are pretty close to completing their ELP projects.

Hard to believe we are almost done with first quarter!!!