Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It's Been A Whirl Wind

It's wild to think that we are already into our second week of school! In 7th and 8th grade we started the year with a review of mixing colors using the traditional primary color scheme of red, yellow, and blue.

Students were to create an interesting line design that created unique shapes. They were then to mix the primary colors that demonstrated secondary, and tertiary colors. Students were directed to use the whole sheet of paper.

Currently in 7th grade students are learning about block printing. They have researched two different block printing artists, and have found out some facts about them. They were then to draw two different designs that incorporated a heavy use of line in the design.

In 8th grade we are working on a 2D wire sculpture portraits. We started with learning about contour lines and cross contour lines. We have explored two different still life examples where students were to use continuous contour and cross contour lines to create a composition that depicted five of the objects in the still life. 

Students then were directed to take a selfie, and then to use continuous and cross contour lines to draw their portrait on a large piece of paper. Students are to use the whole sheet of paper. This design is then to be used as a template to create our 2D wire self portrait.