Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lanterns and Kettles / Animation / ELP Update

Clay Lanterns / Kettles
Today we worked with our leather hard clay and constructed our lanterns or kettles. There are many creative designs. Some of you are getting close to being finished with the construction phase of this project.

If you missed today you should plan on coming in during study hall, lunch, before or after school to make up todays work. As we will be firing these projects soon in the kiln!

Animation Project
We also introduced an animation project which we will go over again on Monday.

ELP Update
Finally, we are midway through our ELP projects. Many of you have some pretty incredible projects going! Some of you have yet to start. If you need help with supplies, ideas, or any other type of help please let me know so that I can help you complete this project on time.

Homework: Your third blog post is due on Monday.