Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Principles of Design Poster

Today we have a cross country meet so today we will be creating a Principles of Design Poster.

Assignment: Principles of Design Poster

Students can chose ONE person to work with. Each pair must complete a poster by the end of the period to receive credit for this assignment.

Students are to create a principles or design poster using the magazines in the box on the table (see the example on the table). Elmer’s Glue is on the shelf just beyond the drying rack.

Poster Criteria

Each pair must create a poster containing the principles of design. If students are missing terms or do not know the terms, then they need to go to and look on the 7th grade tab for the Principles of Design link.

Students need to produce a neat and illustrative poster that defines the Principles of Design: Balance, Unity, Movement, Pattern, Variety, Emphasis, and Rhythm.

The pair of students must display a term and a definition in a creative fashion that best represents the principles of design terms, and sub terms.

Balance and Rhythm are special terms.

Balance - Students need to show on their poster the four different types of Balance: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial, and Approximate

Rhythm - Students need to show on their poster the five different types of rhythm: Flowing, Alternating, Regular, Random, and Progressive

Student pairs are to cut and paste pictures and words from the provided magazines onto the poster board provided on the table.

By the end of the class each pair of students must have a completed poster. Each pair of students should also be able to answer, “yes” to all of the formative assessment questions below.

Formative Assessment Questions

Have my partner and I created a neat and creative poster illustrating the principles of design?

Have my partner and I defined each of the seven Principle of Design terms?

Have my partner and I defined the four sub terms for balance (Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial, and Progressive)?

Have my partner and I defined the five sub terms for rhythm (Flowing, Alternating, Regular, Random, Progressive)?

Have my partner and I signed our work with our full name and period on the back of our poster?

Have we put away all of our magazines and returned our scissors to the basket by the paper cutter?

Have we cleaned our table and swept the floor?

If there is time:

Finish Art History Assignment (only if they have completed the principles poster)

These are on your desk in the brown file folders.