Thursday, November 12, 2015

ELP - Extended Learning Project

The 8th graders will be creating a large scale art project that will be due on January 8th. Students will create a blog and then update the blog as they progress with their work. This quarter their will be five posts that will be due.

The posts will be scored based on the following criteria:

  1. Spelling and sentence conventions: capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. 
  2. A minimum of four sentences:
    1. A short update about the project: What the student did to create their project or further their design.
    2. Discuss a problem that occurred during the time they were working on their project.
    3. Discuss a solution to the problem that was stated.
    4. A brief conclusion or what the students plans to do next.
  3. The students must also include two different pictures of their project during the working period. The student does not need to be in the pictures.
The first post will be due on November 30th, and then each subsequent post will be due each Monday. 

If you need project ideas please Google: cardboard sculptures, painting, Papier Mâché, imitate an artist, or ask for help in class. 

Happy creating!