Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Big Push

Today in 8th grade the class was in a flurry of activity. Students were finishing up various assignments. A checklist was handed out so that students could keep track of what needed to be completed or what was in fact finished.

Here is a small list of what students are to complete by Friday:

  • Complete Articipe Painting Exam
  • Complete Articipe Exam Rubric on http://classroom.google.com 
    • Insert the finished painting at the bottom of the rubric and press the Turn In button when finished.
  • Complete Atmoshperic Watercolor rubric
  • Make a final post in their Articipe Blog on http://blogger.com
    • Provide feedback about the Articipe project as whole. 
    • Discuss how it could be better or any changes 
  • Cut your mat board
  • Finalize your Articpe design in Pixlr
  • Print your final Articpe design
  • Frame your work!
Most students today were busy with Pixlr and finalizing their Artcipe design. Others were cutting their mat board and framing!

Hang on folks this is the home stretch!