Thursday, June 4, 2015

ELP Presentations & Finishing our Articipe Project!

ELP Presentations

Today we saw some really incredible projects! Congratulations to the students who persevered and completed their Extended Learning Project. The presentations consisted of:
  • Discussing the biggest problem that students faced while creating their projects.
  • A solution to the problem.
  • Discussing three elements and three principles of design that were considered while working on their projects. 
  • Finally, students shared a brief synopsis of how their project came to life using their ELP blog to highlight their points.


Students also finished up their Articipe Projects. This was a project that students worked on in four different classes:

  • Keyboarding/Applications
  • Family Consumer Sciences
  • Shop 
  • Art
In art we cut our mat board, which was generously donated by Glacier Framing here in town (Thank you so much!!!). We also did some final graphic design work by importing our Articpe watercolor paintings into Pixlr. We then printed them with a color printer donated by Mr. Welch (Thank you!!!)