Wednesday, May 27, 2015

8th Grade Final Days

We are winding down our year in art class. 8th Grade students should consider this list in completing their assignments:

Of the highest Priority are items 1 & 2.
  1. Scan you Articipe
  2. Complete the questions and rubric, for your H2O and Value TEST, on 
  3. Create a post on your Artcipe Blog. 
    1. Add your scanned image
    2. Provide a brief update about what you did to complete your articipe painting
    3. Explain a problem you had during the painting process
    4. Explain a solution to the problem
  4. Cut the matboard for your Articipe Project
  5. Complete your ELP project for Friday May 29th. 
    1. All projects must be turned in by 4:30 PM
  6. Complete your final ELP blog post.
We only have a few more days left so I encourage everyone to manage their time wisely!