Friday, April 10, 2015

Welcome new 7th & 8th Grade Students!

We started a new quarter, which means summer vacation is looming. However, we have a lot to learn until then!

8th Grade

This week you were introduced to the Extended Learning Project or ELP for short. Students were given a contract for their ELP, which needed to be signed by their parents. The contract is due at our next class meeting April 14th. We also set up our ELP blog using blogger. I still need many of the blog URL's so please email them to me. This week we also had a review of the Elements and Principles of Design, and Color Theory. You will need these as you develop your projects. You will also have to identify and explain three elements and three principles during your ELP presentation. The ELP rubrics can be found on the ELP tab. We will also go over these next week. Finally, we started our first art exercise. We explored value, and discussed six different types of value. If you missed class the worksheet can be downloaded from the 8th Grade tab.

7th Grade

We discussed the classroom expectations, and we did a small art project. We did 60 second figure charcoal drawings using gestural line. We will continue with these on Monday.