Thursday, February 12, 2015

Symmetrical Painting Project

In 7th grade we have been working on a symmetrical painting that demonstrates the students color mixing, and technical drawing skills. Students are to create secondary, and tertiary colors, and create a design that shows symmetry.

Section A 5/6 is progressing along nicely with their three dimensional project. Many students finished cutting out their cardboard pieces, and have prepped these by painting them white.

Today we added a new piece of criteria to the cardboard relief project. The relief needs to show evidence of three different levels or layers.

Project details for both the 2D and 3D projects:
  1. Project must be a minimum dimension of 22" by 22" 
  2. Color Mixing - All twelve colors are present and are easily identified by the observer.  The student must demonstrate or show:
    1. Primary Colors (3)
    2. Secondary (3)
    3. Tertiary (6)
  3. Symmetry - is to be created by using various shapes that create a pattern. The use of analogous and complimentary colors will also be used to achieve symmetry. 
  4. Rhythm - The student will be able to describe the type of rhythm or motif used in the artwork; along with identifying one of the five different types of rhythm discussed in class (FAR2P):
    1. Flowing
    2. Alternating
    3. Random
    4. Regular
    5. Progressive
  5. Craftspersonship - 
    1. The design is to be symmetrical. 
    2. Smooth application of paint should be applied to the surface of the paper or cardboard ("Take your brush for a long walk!")
      1. The quality of the strokes looks neat and flowing. It does not look like it was done with a magic marker (short choppy brush strokes causing "lines" in the paint). 
    3. Cardboard is cut in a neat fashion. There is no evidence of frays or choppy cuts. 
    4. Gluing of cardboard shapes and parts is neat and gobs of glue are not present on the finished piece. 
    5. Cardboard compositions are wall ready. The student considered how the relief will be displayed. 
  6. Relief - Three different elevations are established from the backing or mounting piece of the project.