Friday, November 7, 2014

ELP Scoring / Elements & Principles Review

Today we did an overview of the Extended Learning Project and went through how your projects will be graded. We discussed the two rubrics that can be found above by clicking on the "ELP" tab.

We discussed how the project will be graded and how your blog posts will be assessed.

This was followed up with a review of the Elements and Principles of Design. You can find these presentations above as well. Simply click on "8th Grade Art" to find the two presentations.

After the presentations we broke up into groups and went into the hall and each group discussed five of the fourteen terms (seven elements + seven principles = fourteen terms) they found in the ELP projects that each group chose.

Upon returning we discussed some vocabulary:

  • Plane
  • Contour
  • Cross contour
  • Implied line
  • Line quality
  • Hatching
  • Cross hatching
  • Value
  • Highlight
  • Middle tone
  • Core shadow
  • Reflected light
  • Cast shadow

Finally we worked with a still-life that had a sphere, rectangular prism, and a cylander. We used charcoal and created three different types of drawings that utilized the full area of our paper:
  1. Hatching and contour lines to establish value
  2. Using erasers, fingers, paper towel, or smudge sticks we explored two techniques of using charcoal:
    1. Additive method
      • Start with contour lines and using various smudge tools we created value value and form by adding more line with our charcoal.  
    2. Subrtactive method
      • Darken the particular area and then erase charcoal from the paper to create value and form
  3. Cropped image
    1. We used a view finder to create a cropped area of the still-life. 
  4. A contour drawing showing value that described the highlight, middle tone, core shadow, reflected light, and finally the cast shadow of the still life. 
We will continue these on Monday.