Monday, October 6, 2014

Calvaras - Final days / Block Printing

The time is winding down on our Calvara project. Students will most likely be finishing up on Wednesday.

Today many students finished the project.

Linocut (Linoleum cut) Project

Today we also went over a woodcut and linocut presentation. This was an in class demonstration. Students were to discover a modern, contemporary, or a historical wood cut or linocut artist and design a drawing that represents the artists style of work. The drawing imitates the style and does not copy the subject matter.

Topics in class:
  • Vocabulary
    • Brayer - A rubber roller used to apply printing ink
    • Baren - A tool used to apply pressure to the block print to achieve a good pull
    • Pull - To print an image
    • Body - the thickness or viscosity of ink
    • Linoleum - type of surface used for block printing
    • Proof Print - A test print of an image
    • Artist's Proof - A limited number prints made by the artist
    • Reduction print - A process of cutting a block printing and then cutting the same block followed by printing again
    • Registration - A process of aligning the block to the surface to be printed to ensure proper alignment. Used in reduction or color prints
  • History
    • Examples of Japanese & Chinese woodcuts
    • Albrecht Dürer
    • Die Brücke (The Bridge) - German Expressionists
      • Kirchner
      • Otto Mueller
    • Käthe Kollwitz
    • Gauguin
    • Annie Rogers (Modern)
Käthe Kollwitz - Self Portrait 
Paul Gauguin 
Fragrance (Noa Noa) ~ Woodcut       
Paul Gauguin
Fragrance (Noa Noa) ~ Print

Kollowitz - Self Portrait:
Gauguin - Fragrance (Noa Noa) Block:
Gauguin - Fragrance (Noa Noa) Print: