Monday, September 29, 2014

Cardboard Relief Self Portraits

Today in 8th Grade Art it was pretty busy to say the least.


By the end of today students were to have completed:
  • Your fourth ELP post (if not already completed)
  • Your second Articipe post
    • Post 2 decribes:
      • What you have learned about watercolors
      • Explain how you used the six techniques you learned in class
        1. Wash
        2. Glaze
        3. Wet in wet
        4. Drop in color
        5. Dry brush
        6. Lifting
    • If you did not complete the first post... Post 1 describes:
      • Why you chose your recipe
      • Explain in detail your experience painting with watercolors as opposed to painting with a different medium such as acrylic or tempera
      • Explain in detail a problem you encountered while painting with watercolors
      • Explain in detail a solution to your problem
      • Finally state a conclusion sentence to close out the post 
  • Scan your watercolor painting into your Google Drive account to use in Mr. Deister's class

Cardboard Self Portrait

During class we also viewed a short presentation (look below) on our next project. By the end of this project students should know how to:
  • Define relief as it relates to sculpture
  • Identify four different types of relief sculpture
    • High Relief
    • Mid-Relief
    • Bas (low) Relief
    • Counter Relief
  • Identify reliefs from four different time periods: (More on this later...)
    1. Prehistoric circa ~23,000-20,000 BCE
      1. Venus of Laussel
    2. Ancient Greek circa ~100-300 BCE
      1. Pergamon
    3. Medieval India circa ~600-1000 BCE
      1. Descent of the Ganges (Mahabalipuram)
    4. Renaissance circa ~1400-1600
      1. North Baptistery Gates